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April 26th, 2009 · No Comments

For our son’s first birthday, my wife and I bought him a copy of the restored, blu-ray edition of Pinocchio. pinocchioThis time around he stopped his frenetic crawling and climbing long enough to gawk in delight at a few scenes, but bedtime came before the film finished. What struck me the most, watching the rest of the animated classic while its owner slumbered, was just how dark and gritty the film is by today’s more antiseptic standards for children’s entertainment. Aside from the fact that the bad boys on Pleasure Island drink and smoke and are turned into “jackasses,” I could have never remembered what a lecher Jiminy Cricket was, whistling at every female form he meets. Cultural anthropology aside, however, the film is still worthy of it’s lauded status. It really must have been an animation marvel in 1940. More importantly, the story is timeless. I chose the film for it’s being about one man’s wishing for a real little boy, a wish that  for me, was fulfilled a year ago, after much anticipation. I hope it also still serves to teach lessons about truthfulness, fidelity, and bravery. Those are concepts that will never, I would hope , grow old.

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