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Don’t Move

June 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Sergio Castellitto is a fine actor. And I mean fine in the sense of “superb,” rather than “passable.” He is excellent here as the deeply flawed central character, as is his co-star, an astoundingly unglamorous, often homely, Penelope Cruz. The two play rather unconventional lovers whose relationship is replayed in the mind of Castelitto’s character as he awaits the prognosis of his severely injured daughter.

But as this film’s director (he also shares script credit with the source novelist), Castellitto must be held responsible for weaknesses that tend to overshadow the film’s strengths. Clearly his biggest success here is in extracting strong and believable performances. But the much better version of this film would have been significantly shorter, would have had a stronger narrative momentum, and would have evoked a stronger connection between his character, Timoteo, and the audience. I suspect that Castellitto was a bit too fond of the source novel, and alternated between taking the story for granted and treating it too preciously. While not for everyone, Don’t Move is still a film worth checking out. And while the performances garnered much attention, I submit that the makeup department deserves just as much praise: in addition to making Cruz look her worst, the aging of the characters over the 15-20 years within which the film takes place was realistic enough to not call attention to itself, as is so often the case.

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